Oil, Gas and Chemicals

When it comes to trading commodities like oil, gas, and chemicals, Canlane Global offers comprehensive protection for your interests through advanced measurement and inspection techniques. Our tailored solutions are designed to mitigate commercial, operational, and financial risks, ensuring your peace of mind throughout the trading process.

With our deep understanding of every aspect of commodity trading, our team of specialists guides you seamlessly through each step, from contract negotiation to managing letters of credit. We excel in addressing challenges such as transactional security, demurrage, salvage risks, and contentious issues between parties.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we identify and target risks that may arise across your entire oil, gas, and chemical trade processes. Our dedicated experts take charge of overseeing and controlling the entire chain of custody, providing you with professional guidance on crucial areas, including:

  • Contracts, negotiation, and letters of credit
  • Effective management of transactional security and demurrage
  • Mitigating commercial risks and resolving contentious issues
  • Quality assurance through laboratory testing, certification, and analytical services
  • Understanding and navigating trade sanction risks
  • Managing exposure, shipment risks, and delivery obligations
  • Identifying and mitigating dangers associated with unsafe ports, piracy, and ransom demands

Moreover, our specialist laboratory services span the globe, giving you access to certification, verification, and analytical services that guarantee adherence to all contractual terms.

Trust our experts to assess your trade risks professionally and impartially, empowering you with the competitive edge needed in today's dynamic trading landscape. Let Canlane Global be your trusted partner in securing your interests and optimizing your commodity trading endeavors.

Contact us today to explore how we can safeguard your interests and ensure success in commodity trading.